A NGO in Kolkata which is Fighting Against Discrimination. COME JOIN US !

Mahua Bhattacharya


PARASH PATHAR is a body of eager professionals who wish to bring some positive change in the current development scenario and hence extreme importance is given to the learning’s that have come during the journey.

The first question arose during the initiation of various activities was the issue of sustainability. One is still looking for answers to address this that cannot be ignored while working with communities. The organization is purely service-based, and efforts are being made to ensure the community of the initiatives and identifying effective strategies to ensure sustainability other words, the concern is the question of compromising with quality at cost of quantity.

The issue of expansion was also a concern, which brought in valuable knowledge to the group, in terms of vertical vis-à-vis lateral movement. In other words, the concern is the question of compromising with quality at cost of quantity.

This is an age of utter concern. Nation says that the world is presently running through immense advancement. It says that we, the human beings are at the zenith of civilization. But are we really in a state to be called `civilized’? The scenario changes absolutely when we go through the news in television and newspaper. Millions of human beings are suffering from intense poverty at present; most of them are striving through physical, psychological, mental and social violence.

People were found to be in extremely poor economic condition, women and children being physically and mentally exploited. We thought of doing something for them. This is where exactly Parash Pathar concept comes into existence. We request our reader to come forward and join us in fighting against discrimination. Your small contribution can make a big difference